True sustainability with Ecoposte's passive safety poles

In the quest for safer roads and a greener planet, the EcoPoste stands out as a pioneering solution. This innovative technology enhances road safety and does so with an unwavering commitment to sustainability. 

Crafted from 100% recycled plastic material, EcoPoste’s passive safety poles offer a safe and sustainable alternative to the conventional wooden and steel posts.

Recognition worldwide by more than 60 entities. The ABNT Green Seal is a symbol of quality and sustainability in products and services.

The Bureau Veritas carbon footprint seal is internationally recognized, ensuring an eco-efficient product against greenhouse gas emissions.*

Key features of Ecoposte: the sustainable safety choice

High Certification Standards

The EcoPoste is a testament to quality and environmental care, boasting certifications like the CE mark for European quality, the ABNT Green Seal, and the Low CO² Emission Seal.

Designed for Safety

Engineered to be a life-saving device in the event of collisions, EcoPoste’s passive safety poles significantly reduce the risk of severe injuries by preventing penetration into the driver’s cab and avoiding vehicle destabilization.


By utilizing 100% recycled plastic, the EcoPoste not only aids in road safety but also plays a crucial role in preserving our environment, making it a beacon of true sustainability.

Why passive safety poles are the ultimate choice for road safety

EcoPoste is not just another road safety product. It is a result of extensive research and testing, underlined by the company’s commitment to both safety and environmental stewardship. With 14 official tests and over 50 pre-tests, it is the most rigorously evaluated passive safety device on the market.

Advantages of EcoPoste’s passive safety poles:

Low impact severity: The EcoPoste boasts low ASI (Acceleration Severity Index) and THIV (Theoretical Head Impact Velocity) indexes, ensuring less severe impacts.

Prevents vehicle destabilization: Unlike traditional posts, the EcoPoste’s passive safety poles are designed to produce low impact, without causing the vehicle to destabilize, a crucial factor in preventing further accidents.

As the first company globally to develop a sustainable passive safety device, EcoPoste is leading the way in innovative road safety solutions.

Its approach to combining safety with environmental sustainability makes the EcoPoste passive safety poles an exemplary choice for modern roadways.