The Ecoposte has an estimated durability of 20 years

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What is EcoPoste?

The EcoPoste is a support technology for road signs that acts as a safety device in the event of a collision. This system was developed to offer a safe and sustainable alternative to traditional wood and steel poles, being made from 100% recycled plastic material.

The EcoPoste is a highly certified product, featuring the CE mark – European quality, the ABNT Green Seal, and the Low CO2 Emission Seal. The EcoPoste’s main purpose is to provide lasting and ecological safety.

It is a device that, in the event of collisions, saves lives and preserves the environment.

A product that ensures physical and legal safety for your roads.

5th Year of Quality System Audit by the European Community Commission

The company that tests products and situations the most:

14 Official Tests and More than 50 Pre-Tests

EcoPoste’s production process guarantees the full use of its raw materials, from the acquisition of recycled materials to manufacturing. Using reused water in its manufacturing process, it evaporates at all stages and no residue is dumped into rainwater. Therefore, all use of the resource is controlled in accordance with the strictest sustainability precepts.

Recognition worldwide by more than 60 entities. The ABNT Green Seal is a symbol of quality and sustainability in products and services.

The Bureau Veritas carbon footprint seal is internationally recognized, ensuring an eco-efficient product against greenhouse gas emissions.*

High Durability

Although it is a device made for passive safety, the EcoPoste is highly resistant designed for natural wear and tear and the elements.

Low Maintenance

Due to its strength and longevity, EcoPoste offers a low total cost of ownership over time, saving on maintenance and replacement costs.

Low Temperatures

EcoPoste is capable of withstanding temperatures below 0°C, preventing it from becoming brittle or losing its ability to absorb impacts.

High Temperatures

Its heat-resistant composition ensures that EcoPoste maintains its structural integrity even in hot climates and direct sunlight.

80 x 80mm

100 x 100mm

100 x 120mm

120 x 120mm